Public ICO offering


The TwinToken Public ICO will launch in November 2018 for a period of 5 weeks, salient features of which are as follows:

Symbol:  XTW
Token standard: ERC-20
Total tokens: 2,0 billion tokens
Total Public ICO offering: 1,1 billion tokens (55%)
Hard cap: $22m
Soft cap: $1,25m
Price per XTW: ETH & BTC - equivalent of $0,025 (2,5 US cents)


TwinToken will make available a total of 1,1 billion tokens (representing 55% of total available XTW’s) for sale during the Public ICO phase. A hard cap of $22m has been set with a soft cap of $1,25m. The issue price will be the ether- (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) - equivalent of 2,5 US cents. During the 5-week Public ICO, there will be a bonus offering as follows:

 Week  Bonus Illustrative purchase of 100,000 XTW’s Effective price
 1  125% Settlement to wallets of 125,000 XTW’s 2,00 cents
 2  118% Settlement to wallets of 118,000 XTW’s 2,12 cents
 3  111% Settlement to wallets of 111,000 XTW’s 2,25 cents
 4  105% Settlement to wallets of 105,000 XTW’s 2,38 cents
 5  100% Settlement to wallets of 100,000 XTW’s 2,50 cents


Unsold tokens during the Public ICO phase will be burned.

TwinToken’s primary objective is to entrench itself as a web- and mobile-application  that delivers convenience and self-medication options to the S.A. consumer. As a medium of exchange, TwinToken will seek implement a utility mechanism to (inevitably) function as a medium of exchange between patients and:
- Both private and public healthcare providers,xtw token logo
- Digital pharmaceutical distribution agents,
- Healthcare data collection agents,
 -Fitness and other wearable tech vendors, etc.