TwinToken is set to revolutionise the way blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.) disrupts, inter-alia, two key aspects of healthcare: Tthe pharmaceutical logistics value chain, and The fragmented universal patient history record.

TwinToken envisages a healthcare ecosystem where these new-age technologies collaborate, through mobile applications, that translates the
upload of a medical script into a seamless, efficient delivery of medicines to your home. A.I. means that scripts are authenticated and patient reaction to
medication monitored, whilst blockchain technology writes to your patient history, and makes the repeat script process easier and more responsive. These technologies are also the key to unlocking a universal patient record system where medical history is accessed in a decentralised environment, with your
permission, by any healthcare provider, from a single true data lake. This reduces time spent filling out a patient’s medical history, and allows the healthcare provider a chance of a better, speedier diagnosis. And once the healthcare provider prescribes the right medication, the pharma-logistics cycle repeats itself once again.