The global retail pharmaceutical market is valued at $895bn and is growing at 6,4% per annum. Of greater significance, however, is the global online retail pharmaceutical market:
- valued at US$32bn, representing < 4% of total sales, and
- showing growth rates of 15% per annum.
This is driven by rising internet and smartphone penetration levels and an increasing shift in consumer behaviour towards convenience, and self-medication.
Emerging market online retail pharma sales are growing even faster than the global average due its low base and above-trend smartphone penetration rates – one such emerging market, South Africa, has a US$2bn retail pharmaceutical market, yet on-line sales (representing <1% of total sales) is growing at 27% per annum. This represents a significant growth opportunity for a digital retail pharma application.
The TwinToken healthcare ecosystem disrupts the traditional retail “bricks-and-mortar” pharmacy weighed down by manual processing and long queues. Using its uniquelydeveloped TwinPharma web- and mobile-based retail pharmaceutical application that enables patients and healthcare providers to interact, through the app and artificial intelligence (A.I.), in a secure healthcare ecosystem that allows:
- the seamless authentication and validation of medical scripts, and
-  payment and delivery of pharmaceuticals directly to the patient’s home or place of business.

Based on one emerging market, TwinToken is confident that it can achieve market share of 6-8% of the on-line pharmaceutical industry over a 4-year period, thereby creating a sustainable business model that can be scaled into other emerging markets (such as India) as well as developed markets with similar pharma regulations (such as the UK).
TwinToken began development of the TwinPharma web- and mobile-based retail pharmaceutical application in 2016, and concluded a private ICO seed-funding process in early 2018. This allowed the accelerated development of its application to beta-testing
phase. Beta-testing and pilot commercialisation began in January 2019.
The TwinPharma application enhances the crypto-currency use case beyond on-line purchases to include purchases and monitoring of the delivery of medication to parents, purchases by foreign travellers at participating pharmacies in lieu of fiat payment, support of global charitable causes where medication is critically needed, and in encouraging and incentivising patient data aggregation behaviour. This creates an ecosystem
of users/patients, healthcare providers, and global recipients of medication. 2019 will see the full-scale commercial roll-out of the TwinPharma mobile application in South Africa. The TwinToken crypto-currency purchase option will also be integrated during this period, evolving the utility value accordingly.
TwinToken currently functions as an ERC-20 utility token standardised on the Ethereum blockchain. The intent is to develop TwinToken’s own unique blockchain complemented by a bespoke e-wallet solution. TwinToken is denoted by the symbol XTW.

In terms of the roadmap for TwinToken, pilot full-scale commercialisation will commence in May 2019 for a period of 6-12 months, followed by increased regional and provincial tie-ups with more pharmaceutical distributors. Discussion around expansion of the betatesting into the UK will follow in the latter part of 2019 with pilot commercialisation into 2020.
TwinToken has assembled an executive team with strong pharmaceutical and legal backgrounds to complement the technological application and crypto-currency strengths of the founding team.
Although TwinToken is already listed on STEX.COM, it is envisaged that future listings on other credible exchanges will also occur