TwinToken listing on Exchange

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Twintoken (XTW) followers are no doubt aware that the ICO closes on 1 June 2018 – less than 10 days away! We thank those that have participated to date, despite the incredibly volatile crypto market environment that has seen the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) fall 18% from ~$10,330 to its present levels of ~$8,500 (including a low of around $6,500 in April), whilst Ethereum has also experienced a wild ride dropping from ~850 to its present level of ~$700 (including a low of $359). Those fortunate enough to have taken advantage of the falling Ethereum price at less than $400 could effectively have bought XTW in the latest phase of the ICO for < $0,01 compared to the ICO offer price of $0,02. In fact, at current Ethereum price levels, investors can still take advantage of this discount available.  

This period of volatility has also had the effect of separating those crypto-currencies without any real substance from those that have a sustainable business model or value-in-use, separating the “men-from-the-boys” as it were. The positive response to the XTW ICO to date has resulted in the development lifecycle of the pharma healthcare app moving into beta test phase 3 months ahead of the schedule outlined in the whitepaper. We estimate that key components of the app will be functional in early July 2018. Several independent pharmaceutical businesses have committed to running trials on their existing customer base.

As promised in the whitepaper, XTW has applied for listing on exchanges, and we expect to receive confirmation shortly of the listing approval. This will give further credibility and comfort to XTW investors as to the commitments contained in the whitepaper. All investor tokens have been allocated to their wallets as the ICO process has unfolded and all wallets will be live for trading on the listing date (to be confirmed). The founders also commit at this stage that an as-yet-to-determined bonus token allocation will be made to all investors that participated in the ICO phase, and this allocation will be announced post the ICO-close and before listing date.

To participate in the ICO which closes in 10 days, please click here